Women’s Summer Camp 2014

womens camp

The Purpose of Women’s Camp

Come join us at Women’s Camp to realize and remember your true value as a woman…At Women’s Camp, we are asking you to look at yourself, patch up what is torn apart, leave what is excessive, and fill in the gaps.You can do it. The idea is that all of you who believe in one reality, one thought, who have one goal to achieve and a common spirit to live righteously, should get together and help each other create a new energy. The energy should build up character one by one, micro-consciousness and macro-consciousness. That is what our future is based upon.

One of the most striking things about Yogi Bhajan’s perspective on women is the place of respect and reverence he says is woman’s God-given right, and his insistence upon the nobility and invincibility of woman when she claims her rightful power and majesty as Shakti, the feminine aspect of God, the power through which creation was created.

Sometimes newcomers to camp wonder how a man can know so much about women. For one thing, as a child, Yogi Bhajan had the unique experience of attending an all-girls Catholic school, as it was the only school available in the area of India where he grew up. Also, he never forgot the values his mother – a very powerful, righteous woman – taught him.

But Yogi Bhajan’s understanding of women goes far beyond any male perspective. He never forgot that we are primarily souls, paying our karma and learning our lessons in the two different forms of women and men.